Key West Seasonings
By Bill The Spice Guy

Bill the Spice Guy for nearly forty years has been involved in the food service industry. He started in the restaurant business in Hawaii in the early 1970’s. Back then there were no premier spice blends or sauces. Being that Bill was on an island the selections were limited. He had to make his own from scratch. Bill used a lot of Asian products because of the large Asian influence in the Hawaiian Islands. Back then the grocery stores only carried the basics like salt and pepper. Bill wanted more. He began buying exotic spices from the local Asian markets and making his own blends.

In the early 1980’s Bill moved to Southwest Florida to go into the food service supply business with his father. Their business serviced many companies from Key West to Orlando, Florida. When Bill decided to sell his business to a larger business he decided that was not the path for him. He wanted to start his own retail coffee and spice line. He began in 1998 becoming a representative for R.L. Schreiber, one of the highest quality spice producers in the United States and continued to work on building his own company.

Through the years he has continued to work in conjunction with R.L. Schreiber and has continued to build Key West Seasonings. Bill The Spice Guy sells spices and coffees to more than 400 different accounts. He sells to everyone: from small seafood joints, mom and pop restaurants, private retail stores, all the way up to five star hotels. We hope to bring Key West Seasonings into every home in the United States and more.